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M45 Automotive

155 Borland Ave, Auburn, CA 95603
(530) 823-7645
Categories: Auto Repair

About M45 Automotive

Come visit our Subaru repair shop in Auburn, CA. We provide comprehensive repair services for every make and model, even hybrids.

Because Subaru is our specialty, we can give you a much higher quality of service and better value compared to any other auto repair shop in general.

Give us a quick call for a free estimate (530) 823-7645 or stop by our 7,000+ square foot facility on Borland Ave in Auburn.

Looking for an auto repair shop in Auburn? You don’t need to look any further than our shop at M45 Automotive. We’ll make your life a whole lot easier when you’re having trouble with your car. At M45 Automotive, we offer comprehensive auto services for all Subaru makes and models.

Having problems with your Subaru? Check out the services offered by M45 Automotive. At M45 Automotive, we specialize in providing a plethora of services for your Subaru, no matter what year or model it is. Come visit us today in Auburn, or call us for a quote on (530) 823-7645

Our team at http://m45autoserviceauburn.com/ is focused entirely on Subaru vehicles. If you decide to frequent a shop that provides specialist auto services such as we do, you should understand that the quality of service will be superior than otherwise. That’s because we understand Subaru better than anyone else.

The services on offer at M45 Automotive can be compared to most good auto dealers, but we provide you with far better value. When you visit us at http://m45autoserviceauburn.com/ you’ll enjoy excellent customer service and explanations that are easily understood. We specialize in repairing Subaru vehicles. Give us a call today on (530) 823-7645 and you’ll receive a free quote.

It’s our pleasure at M45 Automotive Subaru specialists in Auburn, CA, to offer garage repair services for vehicle problems that are either small or large, inclusive of maintenance checks, oil changes, replacement of parts, A/C heating issues, hybrid solutions, checking of engine lights, and a whole lot more besides.

Looking for a Subaru specialist in Auburn or surrounding areas in California? You don’t have to look any further than M45 Automotive. We specialize in dealing with Subaru-related issues, including replacement of parts, undertaking oil changes, checking engine lights, problems related with A/C heating, and a whole lot more.

Not sure what the problem is with your Subaru? At M45 Automotive, we rely on our many years of experience, our in-depth knowledge, and our sophisticated auto equipment to pinpoint any problem prior to making a suggestion about how we should service your car or how we should undertake a repair.

Our technicians at M45 Automotive in Auburn are all ASE certified, which is a certification that can only be achieved after many hours of intensive hands-on training. Plus, there’s a tricky test at the conclusion that must be passed. So if you’re experiencing problems with your Subaru, get in touch with us today at http://m45autoserviceauburn.com/.

Around the country there are only 33,000 technicians that are officially ASE certified, and at http://m45autoserviceauburn.com/ we only employ ASE-certified technicians. This in turn proves that we are entirely committed to providing quality services to our customers. Book an appointment today with us at M45 Automotive in Auburn, CA.

At M45 Automotive in Auburn, CA, we fully understand that you may have a packed schedule. That shouldn’t concern you, however, because we will always work around your schedule so you don’t have to work around ours. If you do need to have your car serviced or repaired on your work day, we provide a free shuttle service to get you to and from work or home.

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