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Find businesses you've never heard of, and rediscover the ones you've always loved.

In a time where people are no longer trusting review sites and are concerned with the privacy issues of social sites, emazeMe is the new solution for promoting favorite places and discovering new businesses through a connection of friends. Instead of reading reviews from strangers, simply see which businesses your friends have added and find trustworthy providers that are recommended by the emazeMe network.

You only need one site to connect with businesses you love emazeMe
Read comments about a business from ONLY your friends & neighbors (no reviews!) ✓ × × ×
Get recommendations for new businesses from ONLY your friends & neighbors ✓ × × ×
Easily view which local businesses and providers your friends are using and trust ✓ × × ×
Create lists of businesses and share them with your friends (like Pinterest boards!) ✓ × × ×
Only site to find your favorite new place without searching a million websites ✓ × × ×
Only site to organize the businesses you love ... in the way you use them ✓ × × ×
Only site to read updates from local businesses & non-profits in your area ✓ × × ×

It's time to simplify your life.

Quickly add any business you want to remember again. Organize important and routine things in your life, such as all your favorite takeout restaurtants or the service providers for your home, simply by creating Lists. Better yet, save ideas for new places to visit or plan your next vacation!

Try it out! What do you have to lose?


The end of review sites.

Tired reading reviews from strangers you can't trust? Now is the time to build up your network of friends and neighbors who will give you the recommendations you're looking for. Read trustworthy comments from people you're connected with. No random, lengthy reviews.

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Add and search businesses while on the go!

Never forget a place or provider you love again. Simply open our iPhone app and add the business in a few short clicks. Did a friend just mention a new place you should check out? Yep, you've got it...make sure to add the business for quick, future reference! It's that easy.

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